Annual Road Gravel

The annual gravel project will add over $10,000 of gravel to Aspen Highlands Road ( the main entry road). The project should see the gravel laid down in wind rows on or about June 23/25 and graded on the 26th.

Cones will be placed to warn traffic of the rows of material. We are using the same material as last year as it has really stayed in place very well. If we have enough material we will also place a few loads on Wapiti ( the center road) as that road will be next year’s priority.

Please be careful while we are doing this annual maintenance. Remember to tell guests and workers that the 15 MPH keeps our investment on the road. Anything over 20 throws it to the side of the road where it has to be re-graded at additional cost to the Association.

Thanks for your help.