Roads Committee Announcement

We will be performing our 2020 roads maintenance project during the last week of June and the first week of July. Our plan is to place gravel on some sections of our roads and grade all of them during that time.

McMurry Gravel will begin placing material in certain sections of our road network on June 29. The material will be placed as far to one side of a section of road as possible to allow access, Please be careful. We are renting a grader during the Fourth of July weekend to complete the work. While this is a busy weekend, the rental of this machine is 1⁄2 price over the Fourth so we made that decision in order to be good stewards of your money. Please inform your guests to be careful and ask children to be especially watchful on their ATVs. We will be grading as many roads during the weekend as we can so if the road you are using is active, please just detour to another.

Speaking of ATVs, it does little good to spend all the money and effort on the roads if we don’t take care in operating vehicles on them. Please counsel ATV riders not to “drift” and make “donuts” on our roads. It IS fun but does harm to our most expensive asset. And please remind everyone to obey the 15 MPH limit.

We are trying a new type of material this year that is designed to hold up better and save us money over time but please treat our roads like your own because they are!! Finally, at a later date we will be doing a rather extensive repair to Mill Creek where some damage has occurred to the road edge. This project will probably take a couple days and will temporarily close Mill Creek while it is being done but will not isolate anyone’s access to their property. We will inform you when this will take place. This will be mostly a volunteer effort and we’ll need some help.


Roads Committee